MX Player Apk – The Best Way to Watch Videos on your Android phone

MX Player Apk for Android is a wonderful video player app available on Google Play Store. file it has such capabilities are unmatched, playing almost anything you can throw at it. There are many features about this particular app which can be hired, but that being said, there are also some problems with that many find boring.

We would like to start by talking about child lock feature, allowing you to put the phone safely in your child without making unwanted phone calls when activated. It is convenient to be able to trust activities for your children without worrying about a 911 call from the back seat while driving to the babysitter. This has proven to be a little buggy, but the creators are currently fixing the bugs.

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MX Player Apk offers excellent subtitle options, availability of slipping and sliding on the text so that you do not miss a line or a scene. The scanning function also works for about a minute forward or backward, enough to catch up on a few lines, but not for zoom across half of the video. Subtitles are a brilliant idea for viewers in households quiet without helmets, or those who have hearing difficulties and are able to read to deal with the video they want to watch.


The zoom option front and rear is available with MX Player apk. With a simple pinch in or out, you can control how you entertained. For smaller screens, the zoom function is very convenient if you can watch the little details surrounding scenes.

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Available on the Android Store as a free app, like most apps MX player apk has his consideration given. The difference is that the free version is ad supported. Ads that tend to appear may be questionable. However, with a good quality player, you do not have much room to complain. Multi-core decoding function puts in the top 70% more than single-core and dual-core players decoding. Another thing that should be noted for being exceptionally helpful, there is a sudden sound of thumb that works wonders if you use a phone or tablet with less adequate speakers.

Download MX Player Apk for your Android


MX Player
Price: Free

Note: MX Player 1.8.x and MX Player Pro 1.8.x will not work on Intel x86 based devices. Please install MX Player 1.8.x (x86) and MX Player Pro 1.8.x (x86), instead.

Many users have recognized the benefits MX player apk and he gave a very good rating of 4.4 stars. MX Player apk is a robust app and should not be taken lightly as far as its capabilities have proven so far. Comparing with other Android video players, XM player is definitely one of the best quality, useful features, and compatibility of the video type.

MX Player Apk – The Best Way to Watch Videos on your Android phone
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